Quinoa Salad with Strawberry Jalepeno Dressing
for 4 people
Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
200 g quinoa
600 g sweet potatoes
200 g baby spinach
150 g Freya Gurme Strawberry Jalepeno Sauce
2g salt
2 g black pepper
2 g cumin
10 ml lemon juice
10 ml olive oil
40 g mustard
5 g sesame
Boil the quinoa
Cut the potatoes into cubes, mix them with salt, black pepper and cumin and sauté them in the pan until they become soft.
Roast the sesame seeds in a small pan and set aside.
Add lemon juice, salt, olive oil, Strawberry Jalepeno sauce and mustard into the sauce bowl and mix.
Put spinach, quinoa and sweet potatoes in a large salad bowl and mix.
Serve by adding salad dressing.
Enjoy your meal!
April 19, 2024 — Freya Gurme