I dream of creating tiny tastings with these delicious products with different clean ingredients.
Some of them are definitely my favorite, strawberry and lavender 🪻 especially. But when I saw that your New Year's themed product was on sale shortly after I placed the order, I was saddened and said to myself.
— didorellaca
Hello, I received the package today without any problems.
had reached. I tried the Ginger & Spicy Pear and Blueberry & Lavender ones and I liked them both very much, I paired them with some Kars kashar and dried meat. I especially loved the lavender one.🥳
— mel.tarakci
“Ginger Chili Pear Spread” sauce went very well with Far Eastern style basmati rice.
With sautéed vegetables and kimchi 😄
— nurseli_cuceloglu
Your products are so delicious, I consume them little by little so that I don't run out quickly 🙈♥️
— senatic.co
The best thing I've eaten lately! I can't wait to try it with different recipes!
— Adiş Ekinci
It immediately came to my mind when I made roasted cheddar toast. The harmony of strawberries with cheese and roasted jalapeno is wonderful.
— ygmrbki
I am very happy to be introduced to the Freya Gurme flavor, I have never tried fruits with these combinations before.
— İrem Kavak
Yeni Ürün


We offer you the best recipes of the Freya Gurme world. Enjoy the flavors of Freya Gurme with your family or your guests.

Why Freya Gurme?

We carefully collect all the fruits and vegetables for you from the branch in your own region.

We make clean production with these fruits and products that come only from the soil, without additives , preservatives and with 100% natural content.

We never use refined sugar and animal foods in this production process.

Even though the fruits are familiar, the sauces are new!

We want you to see these fruits through our eyes. In this adventure we set out with only the passion for clean food and unique taste; Our Freya Gurme sauces will be an indispensable accompaniment to your tables.


Share your own Freya adventure with the #freyagurme hashtag and we will share this journey with you!

Frequently asked questions!

Are the sauces vegan?

Freya Gurme sauces do not contain animal products and are vegan. 🌱

Do you use sugar?

All Freya Gurme sauces; It is sweetened with coconut sugar instead of refined sugar. 🥥

What is the shelf life?

You can store the sauces unopened for 1 year. After opening, we recommend that it be consumed within 10 days in the refrigerator. 😉

Do Freya Gourmet sauces look like jam?

Although they are often compared to jam, Freya Gurme sauces are much more than jam! It gives you the opportunity to use it in different ways at any time of the day. You can take a look at our recipes. 😉

Can we feed Freya Gurme sauces to our children?

Our sauces do not contain any additives or preservatives. Since the fruit content is quite high, you can safely feed it to your children. 👧👦

Are Freya Gurme sauces suitable for sports people and dieters?

Freya Gurme sauces have clean ingredients. It is very low in calories due to its high fruit content and use of coconut sugar. It will always be a good alternative for those who do sports and diet. 💪🏻